Where are you?
Where do you want to be?
What do you need to do to get there?

We will develop a customized plan to help provide answers and solutions to your financial concerns.

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Where are you? Where do you want to be? What do you need to do to get there? We will develop a customized plan to help provide answers and solutions to your financial concerns.

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The Center for Wealth Planning is an independent, boutique wealth management firm with offices in Bellport, NY, Palm Beach Gardens, FL and West Palm Beach, FL. We specialize in providing personalized family financial advice and asset management services.

At The Center for Wealth Planning, you’ll have a much different experience. We are a wealth planning based firm. We understand that a fundamental part of wealth planning is effectively managing the challenges of your life today, utilizing personal creativity to overcome those challenges that will help you achieve your goals.

We identify financial related problems, establish goals, create an individualized plan and coordinate with your tax and legal advisors to establish clear, written and unbiased recommendations. We then partner with you to see the implementation process through and monitor our success. We work with our clients, on the same side of the table, to help simplify and enhance the quality of their lives – creating a long-term partnership.


Unlike many firms that are driven with a sales mentality, we offer only one service : PERSONALIZED and COMPREHENSIVE Planning. We’ll dive as deep as we need to help your family achieve your financial goals.


Retirement Planning

Where are you? Where do you want to be? What do you need to do to get there? We will develop a customized plan to help provide answers & solutions.

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Investment Management

You won’t find us trying to fit you into a proprietary investment model. Your goals and needs are unique to your financial situation. We take the time build your investment plan.

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Tax Planning

We’ll help you Minimize Taxes and Maximize Gains through proactive communication with your tax adviser and ongoing analysis of your current tax position.

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Estate & Charitable Planning

Our goal is protecting your assets from the time and expense of probate, minimizing estate taxes, and protecting assets from creditors and divorce – while transferring them to the next generation.

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Business Consulting

Owning and operating a business is challenging and time consuming – we know, we are business owners ourselves! And, not every business has a full time CFO.

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Risk Management & Insurance Services

We aren’t your Grandfather’s insurance agent. We’re your advocate. How much coverage do you need? What type? For what purpose?

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Why CWP?

The roots of The Center for Wealth Planning date back over 28 years when Arthur Abrahamsen, fed up with the corporate world’s politics, the antics of Wall Street and the poor, self-serving, and convoluted advice that many financial advisers offered, began his independent wealth planning practice.


We are not owned by a bank, mutual fund company or insurance company. We do not sell proprietary products that we receive incentives to sell, we do not underwrite stocks and we do not make loans. We are singular in focus, and that focus is to provide objective and unbiased financial advice that you need to achieve your financial goals.

Your Interests, Not Ours

Like your physician, CPA or attorney, we know acting in your best interest is not only our legal obligation, but it’s the way we get a good night sleep. Our advice is specific to your individual needs and comes with no strings attached.

Honest & Transparent

In today’s world, there are global banks running brokerage firms that push their clients into buying a product just to meet a sales quota with hidden traps and undisclosed fees. We aim to set ourselves apart by always being fully transparent. We’re ALWAYS available to answer whatever questions clients have, no matter how small, no matter how specific.

Personal Relationships

We do not charge for our initial consultations, planning sessions, existing financial plan or portfolio reviews. Why ? We wouldn’t charge our own family. We start every client relationship with our best foot forward, doing what is right and investing our time in your success. The old fashioned way – relationships first not revenue.


Where You’re At, Where You’re Headed and Where You Need to Be – isn’t that all you really care about? We’ll provide you the 2″ thick binder of analytical reports, pie charts and graphs that will be outdated by the time you leave our office, but we prefer to minimize the big words and the industry jargon and keep our planning and recommendation to a concise 2-3 page “Snapshot” – so it’s easy to understand and the plan is seamlessly executed.


Most of our clients come to us with a small need or question which develops into the identification of problems or goals that they didn’t even know existed. Why does this happen? Our country educates on nearly every subject except finances, and this world is a MAZE to navigate. We’ll provide you the education you need to make an informed decision.

Our Philosophy

Our Approach is Safety in a World of Unpredictability
Today, the Financial World is chaotic, confusing and noisy.There is not enough reliable information to make wise decisions. Volume goes up, reason goes down and FEAR drives emotional reactions and poor decision making. Up markets build bad habits – and who has discipline these days?

Our Focus is On You

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